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Sean Yoshida, PhD
Sean was born in a small fishing village on the south side of Mt. Fuji. His first drawing was Mt.Fuji which he could see from his house.
He has been enjoying taking photos of nothing but Mt. Fuji since 2000. He is participating in Creative Commons of GeoLandscape Fuji.
He is also interested in culture and recent history of Asia, in particular China, and was a part time student at Tokyo University for 3 years.
After Sean graduated University of London with the first class honours, he was invited to PhD course at Imperial College London and manaed to get PhD in 1985. He was awarded the full grants for his Bachelor's Degree and PhD by British Government .
He played senior roles in three major British organisations, i.e. John Swire, Reuters and BT.
Sean currently works for O2J:

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